Brass Instruments


Piston Valve

Tips on Avoiding Trouble

Cleaning Valves

Replacing Cork and Felt Bumpers


Corroded Valve Caps and Pistons

Cleaning Valve Slides

Cleaning Mouthpiece

Cleaning Inside Tubing

Cleaning Outside

Slide Trombone

Analyzing Slide Trouble

Tips on Avoiding Trouble

Why Hand Slides Require Careful Handling

Cleaning Inside of Hand Slide

Cleaning Outside of Inside Hand Slide

Cleaning the Cork Barrel


Cleaning Inside the Bell

Taking Tuning Slide Out

Rotary Valve

Tips on Avoiding Trouble

Installing New Strings

Oiling the Bearing of the Rotary Valve

Cleaning the Valves

Installing New Corks

Bass Trombone Rotary Valves

Care of Thin and Soft Bell