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Keep Clarinet Clean

Constant swabbing after each performance removes water from the bore and keeps the inside of the clarinet clean, but you must watch the register hole to see that dirt is not dragged into it by the swab. On those models with the articulated Gt, watch also the Cft and Gt hole. Clean out these holes with a pipe cleaner or feather. Occasionally take a look at other tone holes: they may collect enough dirt to cause some notes to blow stuffy.

To keep keys and rods clean, use some rouge on a soft but lintless cloth, and wipe them off. Be careful not to get the rouge on the pads or in the key bearings.

Be especially careful of the tone chamber of your mouthpiece, as a small accumulation of dirt there will change its blowing qualities. Keep your mouthpiece and reed clean and sanitary by washing them regularly in lukewarm water and castile soap. Avoid the use of hot water, acids, or chemicals, as they are liable to loosen the cork, or rubber inset for teeth, and may discolor or warp your mouthpiece.