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Cleaning Inside Tubing

Dissolve some castile soap in warm water. Pour this into the bell, working the valves so the solution will pass through the valve slides. This will loosen corrosion and dirt which may have been blown into the instrument. After this has been done, the inside of the instrument should be rinsed in cold water, either by pouring it into the bell or with a hose and a reducing nozzle to fit the mouthpipe. If you use latter method, avoid excess pressure; a medium flow is sufficient. This process of cleaning the inside of tubing should be followed by thorough cleaning of valves and valve slides, to remove from these parts any dirt dislodged from the interior of the instrument.

Avoid poking swabs down mouthpipe and be careful if you use a weighted string, for inside the mouthpiece receiver and ferrule is a more or less delicate mouthpipe which must not be damaged. See Fig. 8.