Rotary Valve French Horns


Other Tips on Avoiding Trouble

In addition to the points already mentioned, here are a few tips on how to avoid trouble with your horn.

  1.  If you use your horn only intermittently, carefully drain all water out of the slides and other tubing before you put it away. This will make the slides and valves less liable to corrode and stick. 

  2. To protect the valves from sticking as a result of a period of disuse, flush them with kerosene before laying the horn away.

  3. When you oil the the rocker arm of on the spring will corroding.

  4. By all means carry your mouthpiece in a pouch or case. The rim is small and comparatively narrow and is easily dented. The stem also is very thin and is easily mashed.

  5. Strap your horn in case securely so impact of dropping does not fall on the bell or mouthpiece. These two parts must have unusual protection.

NOTE: Also refer to "Tips on Avoiding Trouble" under "Piston Valve Instruments." See page 7. Many of them apply to French horn.